Survey Results: Survey #1

Survey Results: Survey #2

  1. What do you believe are the 3 most important changes or trends within the congregation that have occurred in the last 3-5 years?
    • Declining membership and giving
    • Declining weekly attendance
    • Pastoral turnover
  2. What are you most excited about with regard to our congregation?
    • A new pastoral leader
    • Possibilities for growth and influx of new members
    • Our caring and supportive membership
  3. What are our top three external service priorties?
    • Becoming a place of worship for the neighboring community
    • Supporting Middleton Outreach Ministry
    • Supporting West Middleton School
  4. What are our congregation's top three assets or strengths?
    • Faithful, caring, and welcoming membership
    • Physical presence and location
    • Programs and staff

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