Youth & Family

Youth Groups for All Ages

high school youth and mission trip information

Our high school youth participate in service, fellowship and worship throughout the year, whether through a lock-in, service project, retreat, or just an evening together. If you have any questions, or if you would like to become involved with the high school youth, please contact Bailey Green via email at

Each year this group also selects a mission trip for that summer. They have traveled near and far in service to those in need. We prepare by covenanting, fundraising, and discussing the trip with those around us. All students who have completed grades 7-12 are welcome to participate.

Confirmation- grades 7 and 8

Our middle school youth group is paired with confirmation class (grades 7 & 8) to provide opportunities for the students to bond through fun activities and serve their church and community. Classes are held on Wednesdays from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Grades pre-k to 6

Our youngest youth group encourages those in grades 4 through 6 to engage with others their age. This youth group usually does activities centered around the church, such as a movie night or pizza party. We also visit a pumpkin patch in the fall and the Henry Vilas Zoo in the spring. We hold Sunday School classes on Sundays from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m.

Family Ministry

Supporting families of all ages both in their congregational life and at home is a high priority. Our vision as we move forward is to "Bring our Faith Home". We strive not only for our worship services be family friendly but to have opportunities for families to come together in fellowship and service and learning how to live out their faith beyond the church walls.

Ruth Circle Scholarship Fund

We are very thankful that the Ruth Circle has a scholarship fund to help youth on their faith journey. There are funds set aside from the Women of the Church for youth ministries. This fund will be replenished yearly so that it can be used by many members to enrich their faith. The scholarship will help youth go to camps, retreats, youth leadership school, and mission trips, all of which are vital to the faith growth in the lives of our youth at WMLC, as statistics show. 

This scholarship does not take the place of the fundraisers that happen throughout the year to offset the costs of the mission trips. This is for all ages of youth who are participating in the great ministries that are offered. This will be to encourage youth to take part in all ministry opportunities as they grow in their faith. 

How do you apply? Fill out the form and turn it in by the due date. You can only receive one Ruth Circle Scholarship per year. This is to offset some of the costs that are associated with ministries that take place outside of our church.